How I got started:
I ADORE jewelry and the desire to design and create it for as long as I can remember. I grew up in the Seattle area, and love and appreciate color — the weather HAD to have something to do with that! When it comes to design influences, I can tell that my training as a classical musician and special love for Impressionism and Art Deco styles are reflected in my creations. Add the inspirations from my travels in Europe and Asia and you have modern jewelry that is definitely unique — art-to-wear.

How AproposbyDesign is different:
My collection has something for every occasion and everyone — PLUS I can help you with custom designs, personal consultation, even gift-giving! All jewelry designs are handmade (by me) and are unique in that they cover a wide range of techniques, styles, colors, textures and materials with a careful eye to quality and workmanship. Whether I design a casual or luxe item my creations reflect quality materials and careful workmanship — after all, if I wouldn't wear it, why should you? I love the process of creating my jewelry and wearing it and I want you to love it too! Whether it's the exquisite and rare items in my Luxe Line, my special Precious Metal Designs, or fun (and sometimes funky) Casual Jewelry pieces, I take the utmost care and pride in creating each and every item and really appreciate the opportunity to share it all with you.